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lively, direct, humorous, and personal approach

Let me help you achieve the relationships you deserve  


Nothing fires me up more than guiding individuals and couples through the maze of relationship challenges and helping strengthen those crucial bonds.


I've had the honor of training around the the renowned model of Dr. Sue Johnson's Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT), but I also incorporate a variety of evidence-based methods to make sure my clients get top-quality care. My mission? To create a secure, supportive, and empowering sanctuary where you can explore emotions and work towards improving your relationships and future. Whether you're tackling this solo or as part of a dynamic duo, I'm here to lend an ear, motivate, and provide guidance on your journey.


With a touch of humor, a dose of energy, and a generous helping of personal insight, I'm confident anyone can forge a healthier, more satisfying relationship. Together, we'll focus on:


1. Identifying relationship roadblocks: I'll help couples spot unproductive patterns in their interactions and steer them towards more constructive alternatives.

2. Amping up emotional responsiveness: I'll work with couples to become more attuned to each other's emotional needs and respond with care and support.

3. Nurturing emotional connection: I'll encourage couples to express their desires, needs, and feelings in a secure and gentle way, fostering a deeper emotional bond.

4. Solidifying the attachment: I'll assist couples in deepening their emotional intimacy, reinforcing their connection for the long haul.


My goal-oriented approach is all about helping couples shift their interactions from conflict-ridden to supportive and connected. By focusing on the emotional connection between partners, I'll be your steadfast ally in building a more rewarding relationship. 


Thanks for stopping by,


Dr. O'Malley (or call my John, whatever you prefer) 

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Let's Meet online or in Denver Lowry

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When people are searching for couples counselors near me or couples counseling near me folks are looking to for in-person help. While OMalley Counseling offers virtual sessions, in-person sessions in the Lowry neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. Whether you call it marriage counseling, couples therapy, couples counseling, relationship counseling, marriage therapy, premarital counseling, or just want to reconnect with your partner, you have come to the right place.
Bike Trail



One-on-one counseling allows a space for self-reflection. Learn to know yourself in a deep and authentic way with practical, solution-focused techniques to help you build a toolbox of strategies to help you achieve your goals. 


Holding Hands



Learn strategies to resolve conflict, enhance communication, and understand each other on a deeper level. The work begins on day one as we assess challenges and find solutions to the negative patterns you experience. 


Tree Lined Path



Join Dr. O'Malley for emotionally focused therapy for couples. This package offers two sessions with the couple, and one session with each individual at a reduced rate. Committing to four sessions helps couples get the most out of their time with John.


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