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Dr. John O’Malley, is a lifetime member of the ICEEFT – The International Centre For Excellence In Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Dr. O’Malley is on the path with ICEEFT toward becoming a Certified EFT Therapist. EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy, began in the 1980s by Dr. Sue Johnson. Dr. Johnson is best known for her books Hold Me Tight and Because. This approach has been shown to help 75% of couples move beyond distress and more than 90% showed improvement in their relationship. It has become a popular approach for therapists seeking to help couples. See some of the EFT research here to learn why EFT might be right for you.

Couples counseling using emotional focused therapy (EFT) aims to strengthen the emotional connection between partners. EFT aims to assist you and your partner in reestablishing emotional contact, strengthening your bond, and raising the standard of your shared life as a whole. You and your partner will work with me in EFT couples counseling to uncover destructive patterns in your relationship and replace them with more constructive ones. We'll concentrate on improving your ability to respond emotionally, encouraging emotional connection, and fortifying the attachment relationship you share with your partner. 


What to anticipate from EFT couples counseling is as follows: 

- I'll assist you and your spouse in recognizing and expressing your feelings in a secure and nonthreatening setting. 

- Understanding negative patterns: Together, we'll try to identify and alter problematic behaviors in your relationship, such as criticism, hostility, or withdrawal. 

- Building emotional connection: I'll support greater emotional intimacy and connection between you and your partner. 

- Enhancing responsiveness: I'll work with you and your partner to increase awareness of one another's emotional needs and our ability to respond in a loving, supportive manner. 

- I'll offer direction, encouragement, and resources throughout the counseling process to assist you and your spouse strengthen your bond. EFT couples counseling can assist you in forging a more robust and fulfilling relationship by putting an emphasis on the emotional connection you two share. 


EFT couples counseling can be the best option for you if you're prepared to focus on strengthening your emotional connection with your partner and improving your relationship.

Couples counseling through emotionally focused therapy

Benefits of Working with Dr. O’Malley Using EFT

PhD-Level Therapist
Dr. O’Malley has training in marriage and family counseling through his master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of Nebraska-Kearney and his PhD in Counseling Education and Supervision from the University of Wyoming. He is currently pursuing additional training in EFT and is seeking this voluntary certification to help make him be more effective in the work he does with couples. Couples who participate in this reduced rate counseling package will get to work with a PhD therapist while he is counting to push himself to better serve couples in the Denver community.

Passionate About Helping People Reach their Potential
Whether Dr. O’Malley is doing counseling in his private practice, teaching as a Assistant Professor, or facilitating training or presenting around the U.S., the one word that always comes up to describe Dr. O’Malley is passionate. Dr. O’Malley works hard to make people feel heard and understand with a heavy dose of empathy and unconditional positive regard. 


Great Private Space or Meet Virtually
Dr. O’Malley’s private practice is located in the heart of Lowry and in the beautiful Iris Building. Dr. O’Malley has session availability early mornings so couples could come in before work, in the afternoons so couples can attend during the lunch hour, and the evenings and weekends. Dr. O’Malley will work with your schedule to find the time that works for you and your partner. Prefer to meet virtually? Tlehealth available.

Call Dr. O'Malley to schedule your first session: (720) 897-5762.

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