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Explore working with Dr. O'Malley for clinical supervision list the step by step process and costs below. 

Title: Step-by-Step Process for Seeking Clinical Supervision with O'Malley Counseling PLLC


-$105: Individual Supervision

-$60: Triadic Supervisor (you meet in a pair with something else for an hour) 

-$30: Group Supervision ( meet in a group members of no more than 8)


Step 1: Explore the Website

  • Visit to learn about Dr. O’Malley’s approach to clinical supervision.

  • Read about the theoretical orientation, areas of expertise, and credentials to ensure they align with your professional development needs.


Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Supervision Process


  • Review the supervision policies and procedures outlined on the website.

  • Understand the expectations for the supervisee, such as the frequency of meetings, methods of communication, and documentation requirements.

  • Take note of the fees and payment options for supervision.


Step 3: Fill Out the Supervision Application

  • Locate and complete the online Supervision Application form found on the website.

  • Provide personal and professional information, including your name, contact details, educational background, licensure status, and clinical experience.

  • Describe your professional goals and what you hope to gain from the clinical supervision.

  • Upload any required documents, such as your CV, license, or proof of liability insurance.


Step 4: Wait for the Application Review

  • Allow OMalley Counseling PLLC 10 days to review your application and assess if you are a good fit for the supervision services offered.

  • Expect to receive a response within 10 business days regarding the status of your application.


Step 5: Schedule a 30-Minute Zoom Meeting

  • If your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to schedule a 30-minute Zoom meeting with Dr. O’Malley

  • A link will be provided to when you make your online zoom appointment meeting. 

  • Prepare for the meeting by reflecting on your expectations and questions about the supervision process.


Step 6: Attend the Zoom Meeting

  • Join the scheduled Zoom meeting using the provided meeting link and password.

  • Use this opportunity to discuss your fit with Dr. O’Malley and clarify any questions about the supervision process.

  • Cover topics such as communication styles, feedback preferences, and case management approaches.


Step 7: Decide on the Supervision Agreement

  • If both parties agree to proceed with the supervision, OMalley Counseling PLLC will provide a Supervision Agreement for review and signature.

  • Carefully read through the agreement, ensuring that you understand and agree to all the terms and conditions.

  • Sign and return the agreement to OMalley Counseling PLLC via the online portal. 


Step 8: Begin Clinical Supervision

  • Upon receiving the signed Supervision Agreement, O’Malley Counseling PLLC will confirm the start date and schedule the first supervision session.

  • Regularly attend scheduled supervision sessions and actively participate in the learning process. Engage in self-reflection and self-assessment to maximize the benefits of clinical supervision.


Step 9: Ongoing Communication and Feedback

  • Maintain open and honest communication with Dr. O’Malley throughout the supervision process.

  • Share your progress, challenges, and any concerns that may arise.

  • Provide and receive feedback to ensure continuous growth and development.


Step 10: Complete Supervision Logs

  • At the end of every supervision, you will be asked to fill out a supervision summary log. 

  • Reflect on your growth and learning throughout the supervision process.

  • Provide feedback to Dr. O’Malley about your overall experience and any suggestions for improvement.

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